Hangers that give new life to Tiziana Fausti windows

Hangers that give new life to Tiziana Fausti windows

The new hanging system becomes the leitmotif for the windows of the Tiziana Fausti women’s and accessories shop. Linear elements that unfold in the air supporting the products displayed with elegance and lightness.

tubolar hangers windows
painted hangers detail neutral colors

Always in constant change

The new layout of the Kids department on the ground floor of the historic Tiziana Fausti building has also led to a series of changes in the women’s store.
The latest fitting focused on the neutral tones of pink saw the prevalence of vertical elements that underline the large heights of the rooms.
To make space for the Kids department and uniform it from a design point of view, it was necessary to move some elements. Among these, the important wall that houses the Bottega Veneta display cabinet, whose dark tones and a light industrial touch are recognizable for their aesthetics and character. The entire wall occupied by that display system has been recovered, with careful restoration work.
Designing furniture that can be disassembled and rearranged while preserving all the components in the best possible way is a fundamental requirement for retail designers.

new setting project woman department Tiziana Fausti
new windows setting 01
new Bottega veneta wall
detail shelves film

The new display system for shop windows

Like sinuous lines, the new tubular hangers elegantly wind their way along the various side windows. To support them, vertical profiles that develop from the floor to the ceiling.
Exposed joints allow connections between the horizontal and vertical components, making the aesthetics of the display system essential. The soft color of the paint perfectly matches the existing furnishings.
A design line that introduces the theme of horizontality, in a set-up that emphasizes the vertical read.
To move the shop windows, cylinders with a velvet top covering in different heights.

new windows setting 02
painted tubolar hangers details
tubolar joint windows

A scenographic entrance

The changes made during the new layout also involved the entrance area, which now takes on greater importance.
If in fact in the previous configuration the two accesses to the floor could be equal in aesthetics and function, now it becomes essential to keep the women’s department separate from the Kids one.
To emphasize the scenographic setting of this strategic point, three exhibition totems have been added.
Just like the existing ones, the side lighting develops along the vertical profiles, illuminating the different shelves with soft pink film.
A sort of luminous wall that identifies all the design characteristics of the women’s department: essentiality, lightness and elegance.

volume detail entrance 01
volume detail entrance 02
shelve with light entrance
new display element side view entrance
new display element front view entrance

Shades of pink for the 2020 outfitting of Tiziana Fausti store

Shades of pink for the 2020 outfitting of Tiziana Fausti store

Pink in its most delicate shades becomes the protagonist of the 2020 outfitting of the Tiziana Fausti luxury store. After the 2017 work and the 2016 outfitting, Modulor Progetti returns to create the luxury corner furnishings with refinement and elegance.


The 2020 spring’s fashion shows see the explosion of pink in its infinite shades, decontextualizing it from the gender colour we are used to. (Here an example in this Vogue Italia’s article concerning pink in the 2020 spring collections). Especially in its softer shades, which also come close to creamy white, it is a colour capable of giving extreme delicacy to the interiors. A sort of reality in its own where the interior seems almost muffled and softened by these light gradations. In this context, wallpapers and velvets perfectly fit, but also pale pink and cream white lacquering do the same. A delicate atmosphere, whose effectiveness is achieved by the total uniformity of walls, funishings and floors.

Modulor pink Moodboard
pink outfitting Fausti 2020


From the shop windows to the vertical display elements, from the uniform carpet to the painting of walls, the whole set-up of the accessories sector speaks the same soft and delicate language. Taking the existing furnishings in polished stainless steel and the dark-painted tables, the work has changed the visual approach of the shop with pink shell painting.

Concerning the shop windows, the expressive delicacy refers to cylindrical volumes of different heights and diameters on which the products displayed stands out. The topper surface is in the pale pink carpet of the floor. Visually distributing the elements at different heights means to create a light and subtle dynamism capable of keeping the attention of the user active.

The carpet itself can prove dynamism. Its surface responds to the main feature of the velvet to reflect light in opposite directions. This is in fact able to take on darker shade, tending to dove-gary, if observed backlight, and very soft powder pink in the opposite direction. A visual feature capable of moving the interiors and creating suggestive environments in which contrasts and overlapping tones are perfectly matched.

Linear lighting runs along the edge of the display elements creating very elegant luminous frames.

From the cash desk, also rigorously lacquered, a Fornasetti wallpaper stands out on the back wall, which is elegantly inserted in the lift direction. To give greater visual uniformity to the wallpaper, extremely punctual laying was used. In fact, rather than a straight cut, it was chosen to shape it n correspondence with the cloud texture in order to hide the joint point.

This is at the same time an elegant and characterizing graphic, whose chromatic range approaches the more soft gray whit which pink perfectly married.

Tiziana Fausti 2020 pink 03
outfitting 2020 Fausti top view
Tiziana Fausti 2020 pink 02
Tiziana Fausti 2020 shop windows 01
Outfitting 2020 Fausti cassa
outfitting 2020 shop window 02
outfitting 2020 pink 02
outfitting 2020 Bottega Veneta



A hairstylist salon in the heart of Navigli canals where the contemporaneity takes origin from the Fifties style and its retro taste.

entrance hairstylist retail
mirror hairstailist retail


It’s commonly know that Milan is always gray, with this intervention we wanted to bring a color’s and freshness’s oasis! The Navigli canals are todays the heart of Milan’s nightlife, full of night clubs along the banks of canals, giving them lights and revival’s atmospheres. Up with the times and trends, they become undisputed ruler during the Milan Design Week and Fashion Week, holding events and installations that showcase the entire city. A contemporaneity that fits perfectly with the tradition of Milan. In fact, during the day, the small handcraft store comes to light with its traditionally setting that keep in time. Local craft shop and small atelier that looks to the contemporary tends with a careful production handed down during the time.


Know how to combine contemporaneity and historicity is also the key of this project, where the client’s request was exactly to make shape of a fresh and innovative location. A small space that clearly identify its internal room: starting from the clean and elegant entrance with its functional reception desk, passing to the essential but dynamic washing area, ending with the wide space for set and haircut and its large mirrors and spot lights.

entrance desk haistylist retail
mirror sheet


The freshness of colours and the sinuosity of shapes refer themselves to the fifties interiors, reinterpreted in a contemporary view. The pastels shades are the starring role being able to strongly characterize the interiors, without giving up a touch of freshness and innovation. In this case, the salmon-coloured lacquering manages to take the perforated sheet off to the industrial context which it belongs and making it a characterize element of the environment. We find it again both in the back of the reception desk and in the support elements in correspondence with the mirrors. Added to this, the desk’s volume is designed to takes advance of its reduced spaces and at the same time bring out its functionally. The modern style gives a touch of elegance, without “grab the spotlight” to the perforated sheet.


Knowing how to identify each environment’s functionally it’s essential for a successful retail project. Sometimes a touch of colour it’s enough for bring to client’s attention and holding all the stylistic characteristic of the store.

New corners incoming for the Tiziana Fausti luxury store

New corners incoming for the Tiziana Fausti luxury store

After the success of the single-brand corners included in the 2015 set-up, one year later Tiziana Fausti’s luxury store widens its boundaries to host four new brands.

2016 new corners

The provision of the exhibition layout design by the architect Marco Costanzi in August 2015 was a great success especially regarding the white boxes of the corners located on the back wall. (if you missed the article, click here) For this reason, the multibrand Tiziana Fausti wanted to expand its woman’s commercial space by acquiring a new wing of the historic building previously occupied by the Ciao restaurant chain. The goal is primarily to add four new single-brand corners with the same approach as the existing ones. To achieve this, it was decided to demolish a wall near the lift and set up new white boxes. THE NEW CORNERS Assigned to the luxury brands of Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloè and Stella Mc Cartney, they all respond to the same external approach. Full height black waxed iron panels with laser-cut and blacklit logo. For the internal layout, as in the previous white boxes, we set-up internal lighting with directional spots, air conditioning and any electrical outlets. In the event that the furniture provided by individual brands in accordance with their visual identity have illuminated display cases, it is necessary to provide wall-mounted electrical outlets in order to prepare them for attachment. For the air conditioning, recessed ducts have boon arranged in the false ceiling which can sometimes be changed depending on the need. This is the case of the Dolce & Gabbana corner, whose air conditioning system renounces the ducts preferring shaped shells along the perimeter, Even the side walls and the ceilings have to be structured in order to possibly support the weight of internal coverings. Once again, the corner of Dolce & Gabbana offers an excellent example with the veined black marble covering. The preparation and the internal project of the corners are entrusted to the visual designers of the respective brands. Here are some photos work in progress N.B. Photos of the completed corners have been included after the inauguration on 9th September 2016.

WIP corner D&G
Modulor new corner DG
Modulor DG zoom 01
Modulor DG zoom 02
WIP Stella Mc Cartney 2016
New corner 2016 Stella Mc Cartney
corner Stella zoom 01
corner Stella zoom 02
corner Stella zoom 03
Modulor new corner YSL
Modulor YSL zoom 01
Modulor YSL zoom 02
Nuovi corner 2016 Chloè
Corner Chloè zoom 01

La Cartolibreria, a shop for the little ones

La Cartolibreria, a shop for the little ones

A stationery store that is also a bookshop. La Cartolibreria, an innovative and unique project: it is quickly entered the hearts of people in an entire town and beyond.

cartolibreria internal part


When this place, a long time ago, was still a flower shop, Silvia and Elisabetta, entering it, already imagined how it would become after their intervention. The whole environment has been totally rethought and managed to its full potential, keeping costs as low as possible. A place where lenght is higher than largeness. For that precisely reason, all the walls towards the bottom has been equipped with exposed shelves. Books, games and various objects become the protagonists of his essential exposition with its fresh taste. The entrance has been kept airy, enhanced by the main large window that provides natural lighting. The right side holds the  counter area and its back, equipped with stationery elements, while on the left small light displays show the bare essentials so as not to weigh down the room. Even if the space is unique, it could virtually divided into two parts: a more frequented area in the entrance and a more intimate one towards the back. The dominant colour is the white of the furniture, which visually expands the room. Reason why, the feeling you get when entering is always that of freshness and cleanliness. This matches with walls colored with exuberant hues, such as pink, turquoise and acid green. A touch of liveliness for children, the main users to whom the Cartolibreria is aimed. The same colours are visible in the polka dot of the wallpaper in the front wall at the entrance, which extends high towards the ceiling. It gives that delicate and non-invasive touch of class. The spotlighted ceiling provide the best lighting to all areas. Moreover, above the counter, symmetrical light bulbs descend to alternate heights to create a bit of dynamism. La Cartolibreria is not a common shop, but young users are also involved with events and workshops. In fact at the back, the most reserved part dedicated to reading, there is a table at rest. This, during the initiatives, is moved to the center of the room and is packed with curious children, who can’t wait to create some chores to take home.

cartolibreria external


Sometimes even a small project can give many satisfactions, as in this case, where we have created a multifunctional counter. Silvia and Elisabetta’s needs were to have a large table top, to be used as a crate, work table, container, display and to be left available to customers for the support of the chosen goods. We have thus conceived and created this visually very simple element, which however hides very deep drawers with good guides In the upper part the drawers are narrower to hold all the small and more requested elements, which must be quick to find and deliver. While the lower shelves are much higher and more capacious. The material is a textured white lacquered MDF, which small porosity in the paint allows a higher resistance than normal lacquer and is recommended above all on horizontal surfaces, or in any case the most used ones. The logo was also created for La Cartolibreria, in an English cursive revisited with Brush Pen and the whole coordinated image.

open counter


A small space where time stands still and pampers its own “inner self”, a shop that is not only liked by children but also by adults. What else to say, if you have not yet gone to visit Silvia and Elisabetta what are you waiting for? Run, they are waiting for you!