We believe that Man is the cardinal principle that regulates the utility, size and functionality of things, even before their aesthetics.

arredamento su misura bergamo

​Bespoke Interiors

Modulor is a company that designs and manufactures custom furniture. We have a fourty years experience which, combined with the handmade attention that we have for every single element and the care of even the smallest detail, it allows us to satisfy the most varied needs, as in the best Made in Italy way.
bespoke furniture
Bergamo carpentry

Tailor Made Interiors

We are Creative artisans who put their heart into their works, Designers who turn ideas into physical spaces. Our Reality is not linear, nor are the projects that are contracted to us.

arredamento su misura bergamo


Design Week 2024

Design Week 2024

As soon as it concluded, this year’s Design Week left us with eyes full of wonder and inspiration, and we are eager to share everything we have discovered with you.


The Fascination of Matter

A bright, prestigious and elegant apartment in which materials with very different aesthetics, finishes and performances come together in a harmonious union.

Between pure white and gritty pink

A project focused on the colors between bright environments immersed in pure white and a kitchen full of character in shades of pink.

Barcellona's Villa

A villa in the heart of Barcelona with a light interior and a stunning marble kitchen island.