An Emperador Marble kitchen

An Emperador Marble kitchen

A monolithic kitchen, entirely covered in marble, shows all its elegance in a project that emphasizes such a precious and distinctive material. Walls and surfaces, in Emperador marble, are recognized for their very dense and varied white and beige streaks on a warm gray / brown background. Such a sophisticated design line can only be accompanied by modern and innovative mechanisms.


The renderings provided by Tanya Kutzmina, a cosmopolitan Russian designer we had the pleasure of working with, immediately show the intrinsic characteristics of the project.

The concept of the master kitchen, part of an open space, encloses high walls and monolithic surfaces in an ambivalent environment, inert at first glance but able to transform itself into an equipped and representative kitchen for the guests of the house when needed.

Two types of marble alternate in this large space. On the one hand, Emperador dark marble, which symbolically defines the functional parts of the kitchen, becoming a scenographic setting for “acting”. On the other, Emperador light marble, clear and bright, which amplifies the perception of the environment by reflecting the light of the large windows and embodies the essence of everyday life.

Living and acting therefore become the reading keys not only of the stylistic composition of the rooms, but also define the way to relate to them.

marble kitchen render 01
marble kitchen render 02
kitchen island  sliding mechanism
Emperador marble kitchen render 02


The structure of the marble kitchen is an island and the central monolith opens with a drag mechanism that becomes a snack corner. Opening, it also shows a cooking area with three different types of fires:
induction – teppanyaki – grill. On the internal front there are drawers entirely covered in the same marble and equipped with cutlery holders, crockery holders and potholders.

Above it stands a splendid custom-made hood in stainless steel, as large as the island, equipped with filters and LED lights. All made with laser cuts and remote engine preparation.

The dark marble of the island spreads into the floor and flows into the back wall. An ingenious book system opens the central doors folding up into two side compartments and revealing a broken interior that houses a sink, a dishwasher, baskets inside the doors, an oven column and exposed shelves with underlying LED lighting.

The stainless steel top and back give a touch of modernity between the eternal elegance of the Emperador dark marble with which the surrounding surfaces are covered. On both sides, two large and spacious refrigerators enclose the central block of the kitchen. The covering of the Emperador light doors continues along the entire adjacent wall, hiding an access door to the second service kitchen.

At the center of the room, a huge table stands for several diners in dark Emperador with bases made to measure in stainless steel and marble. These counterbalance both visually and physically the grand plan.

Emperador marble kitchen Moscow
island render Moscow project
island project Moscow 02
Emperador marble kitchen Moscow
island render Moscow project
island project Moscow 02


Creating this kitchen was a new, arduous and stimulating experience. We accepted the challenge by finding solutions to the various executive problems that immediately arose.

Among these, the union of two materials, wood and marble, so different in finishes, weights and typological characteristics.
Obtaining the dynamism of the kitchen, with mechanisms suitable for the fluid movement of the parts and the arrangements on site for their perfect functioning with different materials and systems, required a lot of attention and an active collaboration with Tanya in Moscow, who followed the construction site.

The marble, which was provided to us by Marmi Galli, a company with which we have been collaborating for long time, was used in 2 distinct thicknesses: 20 mm with 45° cuts to cover all the structures, and 5 mm thick screened for the application on the retractable doors to guarantee the functioning of the mechanisms with respect to the weight. We have taken great care of the quality of the mechanisms and the guides, both manual and motorized, especially for the doors of the shelf and the island snack top.

We leave this video of Tanya the task of accompanying you in the living area and guiding you to the kitchen.
Seeing it accomplished is a great emotion for us and awards our commitment.

The Moscow marble kitchen project fits perfectly into the series of single-material projects we have made. Among them, a kitchen entirely covered in steel.

Surfaces from the textures with asymmetric geometries

Surfaces from the textures with asymmetric geometries

A particular work of the surfaces to give a quid to the elements that relate within in the same environment.
bedroom general view

To create aesthetic dynamism we worked on the details of three elements, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers, that as to be inserted in an already furnished room. The environment was already defined by a full-height wardrobe in lacquered MDF in the same white as the side walls and facing a back wall with a dominant color, an acid green.

We wanted to keep white as the base color, but with some peculiarities: we brushed the wood and finished it with white open-pore water-based paint, so that its veins could be glimpsed.



Is to underline the great initial work, the one of cutting the surfaces like the project and joint them in their various pieces by changing the inclination of the ash vein and keeping the direction of the cut also on the adjacent sides.

The result is poetic, the cuts become the thread of a blade that rests on the three elements and tries to cut them in its three-dimensionality. The drawers are push-open, reached 45 ° and the drawer air corresponds to the thickness of our fake cut.

These distinctive details do not shout their presence, but are noticeable only when you approach these elements and analyze them better. Inserted in the room, they blend perfectly with the general context.

The particular design wheels are made by OgTM, the model is Moebius in his acid green color, like our characteristic back wall.

We present some images of the work in progress with the elements assembled and not yet painted and then the finished pieces inlaid in the environment.

surfaces treatments night tables
surfaces treatments night tables 02
night tables front view asymmetric surfaces
night table front view
night table side view
bedroom general view 02
closure detail night tables
wheels detail night tables
surfaces detail night tables

A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen completely covered in steel but with a soul to discover.


Sometimes when in front of our eyes there is a piece of furniture entirely covered with a material, it is assumed that that external material is the only one used in its composition, it is not easy to thought that behind that facade there may be a skeleton of a different material that creates its structure and defines its entity.

Here we want to show you how we have created a kitchen completely covered in stainless steel destined to a client in Boston.


First point, the internal modular structure: in the central part, the elements of  sink, dishwasher, hob and all our storage elements. In the upper part the wall units and on the side the columns hosting other storage elements and appliances, such as ovens and a refrigerator. For some elements, a back is not necessary, as in the case of the refrigerating column, because the element will be perfectly inserted inside and it will have access to the electrical outlets on the walls.

kitchen steel assembly step 01
front view lab phase
Then the bases, the rear elements and the doors are made. The whole structure is made of wood and, once assembled, with precise millimeter drawings, all the covers of the various elements are made of very thin stainless steel sheets. these will completely cover, without weighing down, our skeleton. Here are some pictures of the kitchen ready to be dismantled and shipped overseas. On each steel element is visible a protective film in order to preserve its surface from scratches and accidental impacts.

stell kitchen with protective film
assembly test lab phase
And here are the latest images of our kitchen assembled on site, in a general view and in a more specific detailed one, which highlights how, in the upper part, our structure perfectly follows the exposed beams of the ceiling. The recessed handles that characterize the entire kitchen are also clearly visible.
steel kitchen on place
covering details


To conclude, never take anything for granted! Behind every realization there is a great job that concerns multiple aspects. From the management of impeccably precise executive measures, to the creation of complex structures that support and enhance the materials used in the final result.

Wood as an element to experiment with

Wood as an element to experiment with

Wood is a versatile, varied and extremely suitable material to be “experimented” in the most particular shapes and combinations.


The skill of our craftsmen is also evident in these unusual works, which recall an art now dormant with time, the one of inlay. We are from Bergamo, wa are descendant of the best carpenters in Italy, we can enjoy every day some of the most important inlays at national level. Entering the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Città Alta is enougth and, looking at the Choir, observe the magnificent creations designed by Lorenzo Lotto.

A small digression to underline these works, which request is now even more reduced, but a demostration of painstaking work, patience and dedication.

Here we have created the top of a window in the living area by flanking, on all its thickness, various types of wood which are then joined with a sunburst to create the motif of a shining sun.

windowsill wooden inlay works
Front view windowsill wood
Side view windowsill inlay works


A wooden board with its materic bark has a timeless charm. For that it’s coming back into fashion and it often happens to see, not only in the alpine environment, but also in trendy clubs or in town houses, tables in the raw state. Are exactly their characteristic bark, their knots left rough and some imperfections of the surface, such as reliefs or burrows to make them recognizable.

But why not provide other furnishing elements with this particular style? Here we propose one of our laboratory experiments: a lamp with a rounded central slot that houses a strip LED and a thin, taut cable unites it gently on the ceiling.

Te material we have chosen is a warm and comfortable wood, the fir. Its rough exposed veins  its natural state and the shades of the wood that lighten towards the external sides are clearly visible.

fir wood chandelier off
fir wood chandelier on
fir chandelier detail

Work in progress of particular furniture

Work in progress of particular furniture

Two coffee tables of various heights and a headboard. Details and materials chosen and studied for unique furniture accessories.


Where the offer, in recent years, of furniture accessories of any kind and type is not lacking and overwhelmingly invades the market, we find ourselves having more and more requests for small customized elements.

Probably in a saturated market our customers are increasingly feeling the need to have unique objects by their side.

In this particular case we realized, on the project of a prestigious studio based in Milan, tables for the living area and a headboard for the sleeping area. Refined furniture accessories to be sent to UK.




Brass is a very soft and malleable material, for years forgotten and only now back in fashion. Its natural finish is very impactful, its bright, yellowish color and is very difficult to combine inside a house, so are often used different finishes of brass, such as bronzed.

Burnishing is the surface coloring of a metal that is practiced either through galvanic baths or with particular stabilizing paints, both allow to provide both protection against oxidation to the metal but also a different chromatic characteristic.

The bronzed brass turns out to be darker and more varied, but does not turn absolutely to green, as happens instead to the oxidized brass.

Here we can see beautiful tables made with a profile and a base in bronzed brass and in the center, a surface in a delicate powder pink Lacobel and an antique mirror.

The cylindrical base of different diameters and heights has been painted in two shades, one medium gray for the highest table and the other black for the wider and lower table.


bronzed brass furniture accessories



The headboard of the back bed, on the other hand, has been pantographed in a style that is very reminiscent of the Liberty of the late ‘800, characterized by flexible shapes that reflect nature and its sweetness.

The wooden structure was then painted in matt black and in its central part there is an insert in vienna straw.


headboard furniture accessories

New corners incoming for the Tiziana Fausti luxury store

New corners incoming for the Tiziana Fausti luxury store

After the success of the single-brand corners included in the 2015 set-up, one year later Tiziana Fausti’s luxury store widens its boundaries to host four new brands.
2016 new corners
The provision of the exhibition layout design by the architect Marco Costanzi in August 2015 was a great success especially regarding the white boxes of the corners located on the back wall. (if you missed the article, click here)

For this reason, the multibrand Tiziana Fausti wanted to expand its woman’s commercial space by acquiring a new wing of the historic building previously occupied by the Ciao restaurant chain. The goal is primarily to add four new single-brand corners with the same approach as the existing ones. To achieve this, it was decided to demolish a wall near the lift and set up new white boxes.


Assigned to the luxury brands of Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloè and Stella Mc Cartney, they all respond to the same external approach. Full height black waxed iron panels with laser-cut and blacklit logo.

For the internal layout, as in the previous white boxes, we set-up internal lighting with directional spots, air conditioning and any electrical outlets. In the event that the furniture provided by individual brands in accordance with their visual identity have illuminated display cases, it is necessary to provide wall-mounted electrical outlets in order to prepare them for attachment.

For the air conditioning, recessed ducts have boon arranged in the false ceiling which can sometimes be changed depending on the need. This is the case of the Dolce & Gabbana corner, whose air conditioning system renounces the ducts preferring shaped shells along the perimeter,

Even the side walls and the ceilings have to be structured in order to possibly support the weight of internal coverings. Once again, the corner of Dolce & Gabbana offers an excellent example with the veined black marble covering.

The preparation and the internal project of the corners are entrusted to the visual designers of the respective brands.

Here are some photos work in progress

N.B. Photos of the completed corners have been included after the inauguration on 9th September 2016.

WIP corner D&G
Modulor new corner DG
Modulor DG zoom 01
Modulor DG zoom 02
WIP Stella Mc Cartney 2016
New corner 2016 Stella Mc Cartney
corner Stella zoom 01
corner Stella zoom 02
corner Stella zoom 03
Modulor new corner YSL
Modulor YSL zoom 01
Modulor YSL zoom 02
Nuovi corner 2016 Chloè
Corner Chloè zoom 01

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