Vintage Reflections: A Journey into the Interior Design of an Apartment in Milan

Vintage Reflections: A Journey into the Interior Design of an Apartment in Milan

In the bustling heart of Milan, architect Lorenzo Visioli has breathed life into an apartment that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modernity through the skillful use of refined materials and details. Let’s explore how the soft reflections and captivating mirrors play a central role in this unique space that we’ve had the pleasure to furnish.

 Reflections, mirrors and roundness


The entrance warmly welcomes guests with a floor covered in light gray mortar, illuminating a relatively narrow corridor. A service cabinet entirely clad in mirrors on one side visually expands this confined space, creating an effect of spaciousness and brightness. Inside the cabinet, shelves and hanging space add functionality without compromising style. 

Here’s another example of a mirror-clad cabinet welcoming at the entrance.

mobile entrance open closed
 handle detail


The kitchen, the heart of the home, embodies the fusion of style and functionality. Structured in a niche divided into two parts, with an equipped base and a frontal island, it stands out for the absence of conventional wall cabinets. In their place, vintage lamps in the style of “The Great Gatsby” illuminate the polished steel worktop, creating suggestive reflections that interact with the surrounding elements. The kitchen base, in a dark and clean tone, features concealed handles.

kitchen with island
kitchen zoom

A touch of originality is introduced by the niche beside the window, transformed into an open bar with crystal shelves hosting selected spirits. The presence of undulated glass, now a major trend, on each side reflects bottles and liquids, adding a touch of color. Internal LED lights make this element even more captivating when switched on.

open bar niche and window
niche open bar
 wavy glass detail reflections


A key element of functionality and discretion is the integrated storage in the bathroom, where a washer and dryer find their place alongside all necessary household tools. Two tall, lacquered doors, matching the wall color, fold onto themselves, creating a visual effect that imparts continuity and harmony to the surrounding environment. This approach not only optimizes the available space but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design, thanks to slim handles and meticulous finishes.

 functional storage room
 handle detail


A delicate arch connects the entrance to the living and kitchen areas, introducing a sense of softness while emphasizing the importance of access. The flooring transitions from industrial mortar to vintage parquet, laid in three different patterns to enliven the pace. Refined details, such as reflections playing on materials and shapes, contribute to creating a dynamic and enveloping ambiance.

Here’s another example where reflective materials play a significant role in the project.

arch living area entrance
parquet detail


In conclusion, this vintage-inspired project distinguishes itself through the reflections generated by carefully chosen materials. Each element, from the luminous mirrors to the reflective surfaces, contributes to amplifying the spatial sense and creating a unique dynamism. A perfect blend of past and present, transforming living into an exquisite and timeless experience.

Space Transformation: Corner Kitchen with Extendable Round Table

Space Transformation: Corner Kitchen with Extendable Round Table

In this cottage nestled at the foot of Colle Ranichese, we have redesigned a corner kitchen. We made it compact and bright, paired with an extendable round central table, to redefine the spaces and internal flows of the living area.

lateral kitchen with round extendable table

KITCHEN: Maximizing Capacity and Organization

To ensure the maximum available storage space, elements develop vertically, reaching just below the shaped and illuminated plasterboard. Particularly, the wall cabinets provide extra space without compromising the clean aesthetics of the kitchen. Inside, shelves and pull-out drawers offer smart solutions for optimal organization. Ovens have been strategically placed in a column that closes the kitchen corner towards the living area, harmoniously reflecting an imposing opposite column. This hosts a large freestanding refrigerator, complete with an internal ice maker and dual temperature for a potential wine cellar in the lower part of the freezer.

In this article, another compact and functional corner kitchen in shades of gray is highlighted.

opening doors and drawers
doors opening with aventos
drawers with internal drawers
tidy dividers

MATERIALS: Resilience and Refinement in Every Detail

Material selection has been crucial to ensure both durability and style. The silk-effect One World laminate used for the external doors is very matte, deviating from the classic slightly reflective laminates, resembling almost a lacquered wood but with the robust properties that characterize it. Drawer guides, white to maintain chromatic cohesion, come with internal dividers for order. The Dekton countertop, a high-quality ceramic material, withstands thermal shocks and features a beautiful marbled color that harmonizes seamlessly with brown tones. The coffee-toned fragranite sink complements the countertop, completing the color harmony in the environment.

Resilience is also evident in this olive green laminate kitchen.

glimpse of the corner kitchen
details top and doors
details top and sink
details table

EXTENDABLE ROUND TABLE: Flexibility and Style

At the center of the kitchen space, we placed a Full Moon extendable round table from the Easy Line – Ozzio collection, chosen to meet the demand for accommodating more diners without compromising the surrounding space. The soft lines of the table echo the waves of the shaped ceiling, seamlessly integrating with the space. The double opening allows transforming the table from oval to circle, doubling its dimensions to accommodate twice the number of diners. The anthracite brown of the tabletop coordinates with other dark elements in the living area, while the wood texture recalls the wooden elements of windows and doors.

table open and close


In conclusion, this project has not only enhanced the functionality of the corner kitchen but has also created an aesthetically captivating space. The kitchen and the extendable round table embody the perfect fusion of practicality and design, transforming the living area into a welcoming and distinctive locale.

kitchen and livingroom

Furniture with a Minimalist Approach for Multifunctional Solutions

Furniture with a Minimalist Approach for Multifunctional Solutions

In a valley rich in history, architectural and artistic presence, surrounded by the greenery of nature, a young family has discovered the perfect solution to optimize the spaces. Through innovative design, the focus has been on the living area, utilizing minimal and multifunctional furniture to create an open, bright, and versatile environment.

kitchen entrance and multifunctional stairs


Integrated into a fitted wall, the kitchen embodies the essence of minimal. With a palette of light colors and the use of natural materials, it provides everything needed without burdening the space. The laminated natural oak wood countertop recalls the external wooded environment and accommodates a modern black granite sink and a induction hob.

The choice of matte white MDF for the kitchen base and refrigerator column, along with ceiling tiles, contributes to maintaining a clean and luminous aesthetic. The light and variegated gray ceramic floor complete the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring ease of maintenance and cleaning, harmonizing with the materials and colors of the house. 

minimal kitchen
details kitchen top
details kitchen top


A light staircase in front of the kitchen serves a dual purpose. Besides connecting the living area to the sleeping area, it has been designed with a structure of modular equipped wood and metal, making it both aesthetic and functional.

It houses shaped drawers that provide additional storage space, avoiding the wall unit to the kitchen for maintaining a light and minimal appearance while providing all the necessary storage space in an unexpected location.

Here’s another example of a staircase solution equipped with drawers.

lateral stairs with drawers
drawers from the top
details drawers
shaped drawes


The living area is designed with careful attention to internal flows related to space utilization. A laminated oak wood dining table, coordinated with the kitchen countertop, accommodates 4 to 6 diners and is positioned in a passageway between the kitchen and the living room. It is convenient and non-intrusive.

Upon entering the living area, the eye is drawn to a free-standing sofa against the wall with a slim high shelf in white lacquered sheet metal, contributing to maintaining a sense of openness and lightness. The frontal TV cabinet, acting as a partition between the kitchen and the living room and supporting the staircase, is an example of well-thought-out storage and organization element. Shaped on the steps, it contains well-studied doors and shelves, utilizing every available centimeter. A true demonstration of how minimalism can be functional. 

kitchen living room dining table
minimal living room
Tv cabinet open and close
lighted cabinet
lightweight sheet metal shelf


In conclusion, the entire apartment is an example of how multifunctional furnishings with a minimalistic spirit can optimize spaces without weighing them down. The most storage-intensive elements are integrated into the staircase support, while the upper part, thanks to glass handrails, rises transparent and luminous.

Everything around this central monolith of furnishings is essential, allowing to enjoy an airy, bright, tidy, and aesthetically satisfying environment. Living in a compact space does not imply sacrificing comfort and style.

Here’s another example of a minimal multifunctional apartment.

Walls Dividers and Custom Design in a Historic City Apartment

Walls Dividers and Custom Design in a Historic City Apartment

Within a historic city apartment, the renovation project aimed primarily at creating multifunctional furnishing solutions using partition walls created by using furnitures.

corridor with open and closed doors


In this phase of renewal, the challenge was to optimize spaces and create a welcoming environment. The core of the project was the implementation of double-sided partition walls, designed to serve both the corridor and the rooms. Taking advantage of the significant heights of the house, extraordinarily tall walls were created. The entrance doors, boldly in fiery red, along with the transom, left an upper space between the wardrobe and the beams, allowing natural light to filter through the large windows, illuminating both the rooms and the corridor. The depth of the elements harmoniously adapted to the pillars and the client’s needs, giving a unique identity to each space.

wardrobe with open and closed door


The play of reflections was achieved through the use of glossy milk-colored laminate for the dividing elements. The entrance doors to the rooms, also glossy and full of personality, appear in a vibrant fire red. The handles, essential for opening the doors with elegance, have a squared design in satin-finished steel and have been chosen for all wardrobes, creating a repeated pattern of visual elements. The interiors of the furniture, including additional ones, maintained the same milk-white tone but with a matte finish.

Here’s another realization with glossy surfaces paired with matte surfaces.

detail red door
detail shaped handles
detail internal drawer
detail open internal drawer


The kid’s room has its unique identity, featuring a study corner with a cream-colored painted iron desk and a reflective Lacobel surface in milk color. Two side bookshelves with doors and internal shelves provide space to organize books and personal items. A wheeled bedside table, with a handle shaped in a recess, echoes the squared design of the door and wardrobe handles, adding a touch of versatility to the bed. This combination of gloss and matte creates a beautiful contrast and dynamism within the rooms.

kid's room lucid and matt
front desk
handles details
desk detail
desk detail
night table
night table handle
night table weels


In summary, this project has demonstrated how the strategic use of furniture that becomes partition walls can radically transform a space. Attention to design, adaptability to existing architectural elements, and the judicious choice of materials have made this historic home an example of balance between functionality and aesthetics, blending the classic with the modern and creating a unique and welcoming environment.

Here’s an example of double-sided functionality in a kitchen cabinet.

open closed double-sided sliding door

The Elegance of the Garage in a Fusion of Collecting and Modern Interior Design

The Elegance of the Garage in a Fusion of Collecting and Modern Interior Design

In the enchanting setting of a modern villa on the outskirts of the city, the basement transforms into a multifunctional space. Through the skillful use of precious materials and meticulously designed lighting, it reveals a harmonious fusion of garage, collecting, leisure, and additional service-oriented interior design.

multifunctional space


The basement is divided into various zones, each designed for a specific purpose and crafted by  studio di Architettura Mario Cassinelli. A significant portion of this space has been transformed into an authentic automotive art gallery, where Carrara marble and soft parquet come together to form a luxurious frame for a collection of vintage and limited-edition cars. Attention to detail is evident not only in the material pairing but also in the lighting, with lights specifically designed to enhance every detail of the vehicles.

automotive exhibition space

Adjacent to this space, contrasting black marble creates the perfect setting for a spacious, well-lit gym, complete with equipment for leisure activities. This area remains at a lower level, with the ceilings rising as a grand staircase with crystal handrails leads to the upper part.

well-lit gym
 marble staircase to go down
 marble staircase to climb

These two spaces are connected by a long corridor that transforms into a refined relaxation and waiting area with a comfortable sofa at the entrance.

corridor relax space


The entire floor has been equipped with usability as the focal point of the project. Strategic cabinets have been incorporated, starting from the garage area. These cabinets conceal technical compartments and also serve as useful space for household items and an additional shoe rack. Illuminated at the base, they feature a customized handle, a symbol emblematic of the villa’s design.

cabinet external garage
shelves detail
details technical space
detail handle design

A second set of cabinets is strategically positioned near the staircase leading to the ground floor. Developed at full height, they serve as additional hanging space, accommodating coats and seasonal clothing. Attention to detail is also reflected in internal features, with double hinges supporting large doors and an internal lighting sensor that activates horizontal LEDs upon opening.

 cupboards under the stairs

The pristine white tone of the cabinets harmonizes perfectly with the dominant materials of the basement, from marble to the warm shades of parquet, creating a visual balance while remaining secondary to the undisputed protagonists of the space.

closed cupboards under the stairs
wardrobe garage
double internal door hinge
 opening light sensor
Horizontal internal LEDs


The entrance door to the basement, connecting the garage to the interior space, is a true work of art realized by Guerini Ferruccio. Characterized by a double covering of contrasting marbles, light on the inside and dark on the outside, it distinctively welcomes guests.

The same material language found inside is anticipated by this bifacial door, becoming the standard-bearer and, with its three crystal squares, offering a glimpse into the space beyond the threshold.

black marble external garage door
 light marble internal garage door


The basement features diverse light sources. Starting from the entrance, a unique corridor lighting with asymmetric fissures containing irregular length LEDs creates a rain of light effect, adding a touch of magic to the surroundings.

These elements darken, becoming simple black iron inserts towards the entrance but resume at the bottom of the exhibition area after a block of a fair-finished false ceiling. The spotlights are arranged in groups and can be oriented in four directions, providing customizable lighting for the area below.

Three large lamps with a golden profile peek into the sports area, warming the atmosphere with their soft colors.

Here, another project where lighting plays a fundamental role in defining the spaces.

Wall entrance LED light rain
LED details
detail of black iron inserts
spotlighted false ceiling


In conclusion, the basement of this villa is not merely a functional space but an expression of taste and personality. The timeless elegance of the materials, the intelligent arrangement of spaces, and attention to detail make this underground space a masterpiece that seamlessly blends aesthetic beauty with functional efficiency.

Here’s another basement of a majestic villa utilized in a multifunctional manner.

Modern White Kitchen: The Elegance of Urban Minimalism

Modern White Kitchen: The Elegance of Urban Minimalism

In the heart of an urban setting, where modernity meets practicality, a kitchen has emerged that embodies the essence of contemporary design. This modern and white kitchen stretches across two sides, captivating the imagination with its timeless elegance and impeccable functionality.

total white kitchen


The kitchen has been conceived to optimize space and address the challenges posed by an out-of-square old wall. Based on the project of Arch.Haidy Nicotera, on one side, columns of varying depths have been created, providing space for refrigerators, ovens, and spacious shelves. These columns also feature doors that conceal practical pantries and a small storage area, contributing to maintaining order and cleanliness in the environment. These columns have been harmoniously enclosed by a suspended ceiling that completes the modern and minimalist look.

column overture

On the opposite side, the kitchen takes on a lighter feel, with a base that follows the wall’s profile and tapers with an oblique cut to reach the French doors. Here, the oblique silhouette of the kitchen becomes a prominent aesthetic detail. The lower cabinet door, in particular, follows the countertop’s design with clean lines and offers internal shelving for small useful items. The wall cabinets, on the other hand, remain linear, with internal shelves and upward-opening, high-performance aventos. They are also backlit, adding a touch of light and style to the environment.

kitchen overture


The choice was immediately directed towards a “Total White” palette. All components, from the furniture to the work surfaces, are crafted in matte white lacquered MDF, creating a clean and luminous effect. The Krion countertop, also in an optical white, blends seamlessly with the rest of the environment. The only exception, where a hint of color remains, is found in the rear of the kitchen, where a slightly veined gray tile adds a contrasting touch to the surrounding light colors.

top details
details door
aventos detail

The kitchen’s shell, like most of our creations, is made of melamine-faced chipboard. This material embodies functionality and durability, being resistant to both scratches and aggressive detergents.

 shaped door
internal shelves
 dustbin drawer

Here are two more all-white kitchens, a delicate corner kitchen, and a modern kitchen with a peninsula and a snack bar for guests.


At the heart of this modern white kitchen, as planned, a central round table will be positioned to accommodate 6 to 8 diners and become the focal point of the space. Contrary to what one might think, this central element does not disrupt the workflow in the kitchen; it instead perfectly blends conviviality and comfort.

Indeed, thanks to meticulous planning of internal flows, cooking from one side of the kitchen to the other is seamless and convenient. The spaces have been carefully designed to maximize efficiency and practicality, ensuring that everything is within reach.

Furthermore, to add a touch of elegance to the space, a central chandelier will be installed, providing soft and focused illumination over the table.

project kitchen


This modern white kitchen is an extraordinary example of how the elegance of urban minimalism combines with intelligent solutions for space and materials management. It is a place where aesthetic beauty harmonizes with practicality. With its palette of light colors and well-thought-out design details, it is ready to inspire new projects.

lateral white kitchen