In the enchanting setting of a modern villa on the outskirts of the city, the basement transforms into a multifunctional space. Through the skillful use of precious materials and meticulously designed lighting, it reveals a harmonious fusion of garage, collecting, leisure, and additional service-oriented interior design.

multifunctional space


The basement is divided into various zones, each designed for a specific purpose and crafted by  studio di Architettura Mario Cassinelli. A significant portion of this space has been transformed into an authentic automotive art gallery, where Carrara marble and soft parquet come together to form a luxurious frame for a collection of vintage and limited-edition cars. Attention to detail is evident not only in the material pairing but also in the lighting, with lights specifically designed to enhance every detail of the vehicles.

automotive exhibition space

Adjacent to this space, contrasting black marble creates the perfect setting for a spacious, well-lit gym, complete with equipment for leisure activities. This area remains at a lower level, with the ceilings rising as a grand staircase with crystal handrails leads to the upper part.

well-lit gym
 marble staircase to go down
 marble staircase to climb

These two spaces are connected by a long corridor that transforms into a refined relaxation and waiting area with a comfortable sofa at the entrance.

corridor relax space


The entire floor has been equipped with usability as the focal point of the project. Strategic cabinets have been incorporated, starting from the garage area. These cabinets conceal technical compartments and also serve as useful space for household items and an additional shoe rack. Illuminated at the base, they feature a customized handle, a symbol emblematic of the villa’s design.

cabinet external garage
shelves detail
details technical space
detail handle design

A second set of cabinets is strategically positioned near the staircase leading to the ground floor. Developed at full height, they serve as additional hanging space, accommodating coats and seasonal clothing. Attention to detail is also reflected in internal features, with double hinges supporting large doors and an internal lighting sensor that activates horizontal LEDs upon opening.

 cupboards under the stairs

The pristine white tone of the cabinets harmonizes perfectly with the dominant materials of the basement, from marble to the warm shades of parquet, creating a visual balance while remaining secondary to the undisputed protagonists of the space.

closed cupboards under the stairs
wardrobe garage
double internal door hinge
 opening light sensor
Horizontal internal LEDs


The entrance door to the basement, connecting the garage to the interior space, is a true work of art realized by Guerini Ferruccio. Characterized by a double covering of contrasting marbles, light on the inside and dark on the outside, it distinctively welcomes guests.

The same material language found inside is anticipated by this bifacial door, becoming the standard-bearer and, with its three crystal squares, offering a glimpse into the space beyond the threshold.

black marble external garage door
 light marble internal garage door


The basement features diverse light sources. Starting from the entrance, a unique corridor lighting with asymmetric fissures containing irregular length LEDs creates a rain of light effect, adding a touch of magic to the surroundings.

These elements darken, becoming simple black iron inserts towards the entrance but resume at the bottom of the exhibition area after a block of a fair-finished false ceiling. The spotlights are arranged in groups and can be oriented in four directions, providing customizable lighting for the area below.

Three large lamps with a golden profile peek into the sports area, warming the atmosphere with their soft colors.

Here, another project where lighting plays a fundamental role in defining the spaces.

Wall entrance LED light rain
LED details
detail of black iron inserts
spotlighted false ceiling


In conclusion, the basement of this villa is not merely a functional space but an expression of taste and personality. The timeless elegance of the materials, the intelligent arrangement of spaces, and attention to detail make this underground space a masterpiece that seamlessly blends aesthetic beauty with functional efficiency.

Here’s another basement of a majestic villa utilized in a multifunctional manner.