In the enchanting setting of Como’s urban center, an architectural gem rises within a meticulously restored historic building. Here, in a perfect blend of history and modernity, lies an apartment we had the privilege of contributing to. The brainchild of the creative genius of the Studio Milo, this living space stands out for the captivating fusion of raw Ceppo di Gre and elegant bronze metallic finishes, accompanied by warm brick tones.

mobile ingresso

Material and Color Contrasts

The living area of the apartment is a masterpiece of material and color contrasts, where the natural roughness of Ceppo di Gre meets the sophisticated shine of metallic finishes. This combination not only gives the space a unique appearance but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining timeless elegance.

The Equipped Wall: Functionality and Aesthetics

Upon crossing the threshold, you are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling equipped wall that impresses with its versatility. Made of wood painted with bronze metallic finishes, it is paired with a lower section consisting of ceramic doors with a Ceppo di Gre effect. These are designed to open downwards with a stop system that prevents contact with the floor, a solution that not only optimizes storage space but also adds a touch of practicality and ingenuity.

ingresso ceppo di Gre e finiture metalliche
metallic finishes
details lower part of furniture
details high part

The interiors of the upper part are finished in warm gray, with shelves offering ample organizational possibilities. The open compartments, with coordinated shelves in the same metallic finish, add further dynamism and functionality to the structure. One of the most fascinating features of the wall is the sliding door system that, when needed, reveals a wall-mounted television, integrating technology discreetly and elegantly.

details open spaces
detail sliding door system

The Bar Cabinet: A Touch of Elegance and Color

In the living room, next to a central pillar, is a refined bar cabinet in brick red tones. This distinctive piece features a lower section closed by doors that hide internal shelves, ideal for organizing glasses and bottles. The upper part, on the other hand, features backlit shelves that create a scenic effect, elegantly illuminating the bar area.

bar cabinet
details bar cabinet
details bar cabinet

The back of the cabinet is closed by a circular arch, in which a mirror reflects the slightly rounded dark wood dining table positioned in front. This play of reflections amplifies the perception of space, adding depth and a touch of sophistication. A classy detail is the recessed handle chains with a bronze finish, recalling the finishes of the rest of the furnishings and completing the living room’s aesthetic harmony.

Arches and rounded architectural details are making a comeback. Here is another example of a recent creation where an arch serves as a divider between two different home environments.

detail handle chains
material details
bar cabinet in front

The Home Office: A Haven of Creativity and Concentration

Moving away from the materials used in the living room but maintaining the same soft blue wallpaper background, you find the home office. This space is enclosed by bronze-finished frames, giving a sense of continuity with the rest of the apartment. Inside, a desk and shelves are entirely made of oak, where the wood finds its fullest expression.

home office prospective
home office details
details drawers

The multifunctional desk is a design masterpiece: it features a rounded corner, a part equipped with a pull-out shelf, and a cable pass-through at the back to maintain order. The wall shelves, illuminated by a study shelf light, provide an ideal environment for reading and working, adding a touch of warmth and coziness.

Here is an article entirely dedicated to home office corners designed for smart working.

home office closed and open
home office details
 cable gland

Details that Make the Difference

In the living area, the vital core of this apartment on Lake Como, every detail has been meticulously curated. From the raw Ceppo di Gre to the selection of warm and welcoming colors, from the peculiarly designed wall lights to the double pair of ceiling spotlights, each element offer not only functionality but also a strong aesthetic value. The perfect lighting and the skillful placement of each piece enhance the entire environment. The fine materials and sophisticated finishes blend in perfect harmony, highlighting the natural beauty and inherent elegance of each detail.

mobile ceppo di gre e finiture metallizzate

An Invitation to Live in Style

This apartment represents the perfect meeting point between past and present, a place where history intertwines with modernity, creating a unique environment, designed to offer a bespoke living experience. The combination of Ceppo di Gre, with its rough and authentic texture, and the bronze metallic finishes, with their sophisticated charm, creates a harmonious dialogue between tradition and innovation.