A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen completely covered in steel but with a soul to discover.


Sometimes when in front of our eyes there is a piece of furniture entirely covered with a material, it is assumed that that external material is the only one used in its composition, it is not easy to thought that behind that facade there may be a skeleton of a different material that creates its structure and defines its entity. Here we want to show you how we have created a kitchen completely covered in stainless steel destined to a client in Boston.


First point, the internal modular structure: in the central part, the elements of  sink, dishwasher, hob and all our storage elements. In the upper part the wall units and on the side the columns hosting other storage elements and appliances, such as ovens and a refrigerator. For some elements, a back is not necessary, as in the case of the refrigerating column, because the element will be perfectly inserted inside and it will have access to the electrical outlets on the walls.

kitchen steel assembly step 01
front view lab phase

Then the bases, the rear elements and the doors are made. The whole structure is made of wood and, once assembled, with precise millimeter drawings, all the covers of the various elements are made of very thin stainless steel sheets. these will completely cover, without weighing down, our skeleton. Here are some pictures of the kitchen ready to be dismantled and shipped overseas. On each steel element is visible a protective film in order to preserve its surface from scratches and accidental impacts.

stell kitchen with protective film
assembly test lab phase

And here are the latest images of our kitchen assembled on site, in a general view and in a more specific detailed one, which highlights how, in the upper part, our structure perfectly follows the exposed beams of the ceiling. The recessed handles that characterize the entire kitchen are also clearly visible.

steel kitchen on place
covering details


To conclude, never take anything for granted! Behind every realization there is a great job that concerns multiple aspects. From the management of impeccably precise executive measures, to the creation of complex structures that support and enhance the materials used in the final result.

A professional stainless steel kitchen

A professional stainless steel kitchen

For stove enthusiasts Masterchef is a fact, fully equipped kitchens in polished steel, complete with all the coordinated appliances make you want to create delicious dishes.


It is the most used material in the kitchens of great chefs, which is why steel cooking is very trendy today. Most of the appliances and hobs are completely in steel or in any case have characterizing steel finishes, having a single-material kitchen certainly uniforms the environment in which it is inserted. Resistant, durable, hygienic and shiny, steel has all the characteristics that are needed by those who love to cook in order and rigor and are looking forward to showing their diners new culinary creations. But be careful not to make the kitchen too aseptic, to insert an industrial kitchen in a family environment it is useful to create a harmonious project that also gives it a little personality and warmth.


The kitchen we analize here is located inside a very modern villa, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, surrounded by a garden with lush flora. The entire structure was built with a light building envelope, characterized by large windows and thin white painted iron rods, it has external wooden paved passages with transparent covers. Light filters everywhere and the industrialized structure is consistent with the interior design project and goes well with the wild nature outside.


The design of this large and bright kitchen was made from a renowned Milanese studio, successful in the arduous task of balancing spaces and materials. An harmonious union in industrial style but with the soul of a domestic kitchen. In this large open space room the kitchen is divided into different compnents. At the center, a well-equipped central island with a ceramic hob takes place. Two side cooking elements with grill and teppanyaki housed on a light gray marble top follow that central part. A huge central hood covers the entire surface of the island and arriving towards the kitchen area the first thing you notice is this central monolithic block which is illuminated by the light of the large rear windows. On the left side there is an element consisting of two refrigerated columns and an oven column, in the upper part of the open compartments with symmetrical central shelves in sheet metal. This side is reflected in the elements on the right, where there is another built-in refrigerator, a wine cellar and again open shelves in the upper part. The “bar” cabinet on the side of the window is interesting, consisting of a low steel cabinet with shelves and an upper light box from where a series of glass holders in metal tubes and plexiglass are ready to welcome a wide service of wine glasses.

professional kitchen in steel
steel kitchen
light box element