We are used to design custum furniture, which best fit our interiors, but even the style can be customized in a modern country. To best satisfy our client’s country taste, we pop round to overseas farmhouse. Knobs for drawers unique in their own style, shaped baseboards with central voids, decorative bands on doors. For this project we lacked for nothing, even a trapezoidal-shaped extractor fan with a lower curved shape. A kitchen able to keep attention in each its detail, as the hand-woven curtain strictly in pastel red and white fabric that replaces the door under the sink. A bespoke container whose shape alternates sinuous shapes with linear profiles. Stylistic forms also recalled on the countertop with beige hue which in the back elevation assumes conformations with a strong stylistic taste. A country style that is personalised, shaped following the personality of its inhabitants. Here that the wall units flank shelves with different heights, alternating doors in matt lacquered MDF with glass doors with decorative strips. The classic cream-white colour undergoes a modern reinterpretation and is endowed with greater character with the add of a pastel gray-blue. As in an American farmhouse we let you discover its details with the photos below.

kitchen country revisited style
kitchen detail country Modulor 01
kitchen detail country Modulor 02
flower detail kitchen
knob detail kitchen glass door
kitchen country style
strips doors detail
extractor fan country kitchen