A breath of fresh air in a shop in a seaside town, which does not live only on summer tourism. The scent of the sea in its center makes you feel on vacation all year round. A shop with very large interiors organized in macro functional display areas that allow the optimization of the environments and the best management of customer flows.


Lignano Sabbiadoro is one of the most renowned tourist resorts on the Adriatic. Bathing establishment always in vogue, it maintains the retro charm of an urban structure linked to the 50s, the period in which Lignano Pineta develops. In the center of the village, under the fresh porticoes, this shop of homemade objects and clothing tooks place. The amplitude is certainly a point in favor of each shop, but sometimes it risks becoming a critical point resulting dispersive. A logistical order for the arrangement of the wares and a general review of the display furnishings become necessary for our customer at this time. The space, with a rectangular plan, introduce itself as an open space visually divided only by structural pillars equipped with electrical outlets. From these we started in the division into various functional macro areas, each structured with service elements for each type of wares on display.


The main problem of large and visually free spaces is the possible confusion created into the user. In fact, not knowing exactly how to move, he is absurdly discouraged from exploring the shop. For this reason, our subdivision with visual elements into established areas allows customers to move smoothly in the room, directing them to internal use. A spatial division that arises from the arrangement of two equipped walls, from whose asymmetrical intersection four main rooms took place. Two of these were then combined for a wider and more airy perception of the exhibition space, while the storage area is located in the back of the cash desk.


The checkout functionality defines the first area, in which the cashier certainly plays the main role. Positioned in front of the entrance, it however leave the entrance comfortable and not to oppress space. A large piece of furniture defines this area, which allows the owner to have workspace and better serve customers. To close this area, a column which has a large back that can be used as a goods display and storage point.


The asymmetrical subdivision of the internal spaces gives rise to a more developed exhibition area dedicated to bed and all household linen. Located at the side of the entrance, it allows a better management of customer flows, as well as a visual hierarchy that identifies this room as the main one in the fruition of the shop. In the centre, a design glass table surrounded by shelf modules is useful for displaying small household items. While, a full-height dividing element visually reproduces the wall elements creating an internal division. A smaller space set up for display where the customer can observe the contextualized products. On the back walls common to the exhibition areas, functional elements alternate whose shelves are organized according to the wares on display. The different distances between each shelf allow the placement of bulky objects or small decorative elements as needed.


To mark the boundary of this room is an equipped portal, serving the property for the storage of goods not on show. This allows the passage to the remaining area dedicated to clothing. Here, our modules become hangers and the shelves are used for folding. A dressing room for clothing testing concludes this room, which connects directly to the cash desk area. Approaching the showcase, the shelf modules become closer for bags and small prêt-à-porter objects.

project Lignano shop 01
project Lignano shop 02
project Lignano shop 03 functional areas


As far as materials, colors and types of furniture are concerned, we have focused on the modern, gritty and essential style. The two colors that alternate with the white walls are a dark gray with bold tones, which also defines the cash area and the illuminated portal for access to the clothing area and a very light gray tending to blue, which recalls the nearby sea and characterizes shelves and low storage elements. The exhibition modules are of two types: the shelf modules are tall, in chromed steel with a bright internal LED profile with lacquered shelves that alternate with crystal shelves that act as display elements and separate the various areas. The others are low, in steel and crystal and act as an exhibition support for the tall elements. Here some Work in Progress photos, we hope to make soon an holiday in Lignano seafront and return to admire the set up shop!

cash counter area shop
divider functional areas
shelves back wall display areas
lighting shelves back wall display areas
shop details
shop lighting details
display area bed and home line
table and shelves Lignano shop