Directly from our laboratory, some photos of the work in progress project of a coffee shop in Ibiza. The Officina iDEa project concerns a retail space where coffee is the undisputed protagonist. An experiential rather than design concept, in which what conception of Italian coffee meets the European experiential context. The realization of the display elements establishes a structure composed of an upper curved MDF template to which the pantographed profiles are anchored, always in natural MDF. The whole is subsequently lacquered obtaining a slight alteration of the natural colour turning to a darker one. An unusual execution technique, which tested the technical processing skills. We will soon could observe the results together when the outfitting is complete, in the meantime we will let you peek through the works.

work in progress Ibiza coffee 01
work in progress Ibiza  02
work in progress Ibiza coffee 03
work in progress Ibiza 04