In the race for progress there are still those who remain tied to the art of manual drawing which preserves its timeless charm. The hand-drawn project are able to comunicate authenticity and to estabilish an almost intimate relationship.


New technologies have greatly simplified the design of a project. We still remember the times when all the drawings were made by hand: top, front and side views, and even prospects, each modification involved the redesign of all the views and rolls on rolls of paper with revisions of a single project were stacked in a corner. There were drafting machines in the studios, we worked on sheets of transparent paper so that we could speed up the new changes and once finished, with a heliostatic roller machine, disseminating ammonia odor throughout the study, the drawing was transferred to a roll of bluish paper ready to be trimmed and then hand-colored with watercolors or pastels. In the past 15-20 years everything has changed, the programs have evolved to such an extent that there are now three-dimensional creations that seem to be true  photographs of the furniture made and very few have preserved the art of manual design. Among these rare cases is the studio of the architect Pierluigi Fasoli and we want to share with you his projects that still retain the charm of the past. At this link you can view the photos of the whole project. Below the plan of the house, divided into zones and with a small explanation that recalls the interventions carried out in the different areas.

hand-drawn project

Below the kitchen project and a watercolor perspective that defines its style and materials. On the side, the visual suggestion for the furnishing accessories, in this case the chairs to be combined with the master table. At the end, a photo, in a slightly different view of the final creation.

hand-drawn project kitchen
realized kitchen

And here is also the living area, with its detailed design that also sees the candlestick in the center of the table in the dining area. Follows an image of the living room made in detail. Not present in the project drawing but added later the particular rear wall in matt black shaped MDF. In its surface, entrance door of the studio also covered with the same finishing.

hand-drawn project living room
realization living room

To finish the project of the studio and the image of its realization, in which we wanted to recover an existing library furniture, restored and painted in white so as not to weigh down these refreshed and lightened spaces too much.

hand-drawn project studio
studio realized