The Omelette table was born as a customizable furnishing accessory, which original dimensions can be adapted, as in this case, to the needs of customers.  


A short description of the project: Omelette was born as a peninsula table, from the need to have an asymmetrical support, with a wider and more comfortable part and a narrower one. The rectilinear shaping of the latter also allows a possible practical support on the wall. Unlike the snack tables in production, its sinuous shape allows you to have more comfort and accommodate more diners. The rotating yolk recalls the oriental tables. Here the desire for conviviality and sharing prevail and lead to the exchange and tasting of food by all those present at the table. With a central support point and legs on wheels it can be easily moved to the center of the dining area and then repositioned to rest on the wall. At this link a deepening on the project.  


The Omelette table was made in different finishes. The original one provides a coating of the upper surface with a GetaCore® slab finished at 45 ° and a central orange matt lacquered yolk. This on, that can also be usea as cutting board, rotates on a support swivel and a support structure consisting of a pillar and two legs on wheels in polished steel. To contain the prices, especially for the polished steel part, a second version in textured painted iron is provided. Concerning  the surface, the GetaCore® sheet can be replaced by a textured matt lacquered MDF. The second version is the one chosen by a couple of special customers from Naples, who felt in love with our project. the reduced spaces and the preference for a less impactful finish bring that the Mini version fully embraced their requests. The niche, in which the table was to be located, was smaller than the original design size, for this reason we resized the shape of the table leaving the spaces in proportion to each other and keeping, from an ergonomic point of view, the right space to devote to each person. The result is a delicious version of the table in a “Mini” version, the diners are reduced from 8 to 5 but the “scrambled egg” shape remains. The central pillar and legs were painted white and as regards the wheels, we used a version of Rotola, produced by OgTm, of a smaller size but with the same white and orange finishes.  

Omelette Table Mini version
leg detail
coupling detail
Mini Omelette lateral view
Mini Omelette front view