We are happy to share with you a special project for the kindergarten of Villa di Serio, which we have followed with pleasure, of the spaceship Elle Effe Elle.

A few days ago a brightly colored spaceship landed in the garden of the Cavalli nursery school in Villa di Serio. The two Martians Bi and Ci have landed in search of books.

The name of the unidentified object, all made in Valle Seriana, is Elle Effe Elle which stands for Little Free Library: inside it will host children for an exchange based on “take a book, leave a book.” Promoter of the project is the association Traiettorie Instabili which, with the sponsorship of the Municipality, carried out the project for free with the collaboration of private companies to encourage the reading habits. “We wanted to give the children a house of books – explained Alessandro Longhi of Traiettorie Instabili, before cutting the ribbon -, but when the manager asked us that it was suitable for the Under 6, without edges and without doors, we involved the friends of Officina Idea”. Giovanni Nervi and Paolo Carrara thus had the idea of ​​creating a spaceship, made of wood and steel, with a cap underneath where you have to get in to access the internal shelf that houses the books. To make Elle Effe Elle even more intriguing, Alice Tebaldi, a young designer who lives in Villa di Serio, conceived and digitally illustrated the rhymed story that tells of young aliens looking for books. “It is a very interesting project to encourage to read books,” said Mayor Bruno Rota at the inauguration. For now, the book-swap spaceship is a single prototype made by Modulor Progetti of Ranica, in collaboration with the MetalArredo Bonomi company in Alzano lombardo, but it cannot be ruled out that others can be landed at primary school or in the park. Today the vehicle will fly to the town hall square for the autumn festival. “The spaceship – explain the engineers-architects Carrara and Nervi – has a transparent cap to bring natural light inside but also to look at the sky just like an alien would do; the legs are adjustable, this allows you to reach the height suitable for the type of user expected for each library and to keep the library level even if positioned on uneven ground. The legs are fixed to an iron base which is then tied to the ground “.

Elle Effe Elle spaceship Villa di Serio
Elle Effe Elle presentation
Elle Effe Elle Villa di Serio