A quick ovrview of the 40 Years of Modulor

A quick ovrview of the 40 Years of Modulor

Today we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of foundation of Modulor! Exactly forty years ago the young Carla started her business in a small shed in Torre Boldone.
40 years Modulor graphic
In those years she has lived, observed and taken inspiration for his projects from the furnishing trends that have followed one another quickly. But what has changed in people’s taste over the years?

Carla grows with the eccentricity of the 60s. An explosion of colors as a response to the austerities of the war, the term kitsch is coined precisely because of these contrasting combinations.

There are geometric patterns in the floors and plastic is chosen as an innovative and exclusive material, to be used in any sphere and shape.

Ps: Remember that in the 60s Andy Warhol’s Pop Art was born with the exaltation of the main symbols of the consumer society.

In the 70s the teenager Carla participated in the Hippie movement also called “Children of the flowers”. The unbridled use of floral symbols and geometric and psychedelic shapes are the fundamental stylistic signatures of those years.

The plastic is put aside for a moment and in its place more traditional materials are reintroduced, such as leather. The latter is mainly used in its natural color and metals.


And finally we arrive at the doors of the 80s when the Modulor Company was born with the aim to become a guideline for architecture and interior design on a human scale, relating in harmony and in symbiosis with the needs of its customers. The term “Le Modulor” is coined directly by Le Corbusier around the 50s of the twentieth century, which defines a scale of proportions derived from human measurements.

What was avant-garde forty years ago, is now back in fashion. A style characterized by the permanence of bright colors, sometimes even in opaque colors and the use of a mix of contrasting materials, which find themselves happily living together in the same room.

In furnishing accessories, handles and profiles, in wood or metal, take importance. In fact, they are not left in a natural finish but painted in colors such as red, very fashionable, or even green and black.

The living area becomes the fulcrum of the home and there cannot be missing large leather sofas, chairs and designer lamps. It is precisely in recent years that there is a surge in the production and variety of design objects for the living area. Deserving of mention, the famous pop works of Alessandro Mendini, while for the most sought after, we remember icons of design with a modern style. Achille Castiglioni’s unforgettable Arco or Parentesi, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily armchair, or Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcellona are just a few examples.

The first soft colors are also introduced and the new material that takes the place of traditional glass is synthetic plexiglass.

80s Modulor
bed 80s


The furniture leaves the rounded shapes and sinuous lines that had distinguished them in previous years to return to simple, essential and minimal geometric shapes.

Smooth and shiny surfaces are in fashion, here in fact the first bases are laid for what will be the essence of contemporary furniture.

The colored plastic makes space entirely for classic materials such as glass, wood and wrought iron.

Even the bright colors of previous years leave room for the soft hues, which from the walls expand to the furnishings and accessories. An explosion of beige, blush and pure white that sometimes matches with dark colors such as anthracite gray and black.

The carpet and the parquet, two opposite floors live in harmony and the colored synthetic fur spreads mainly on armchairs and poufs as material.

The functionality of the elements, which are designed for the purpose of the activity to be carried out by them, still leave room for creativity, especially in the original and unique forms.


kitchen 90s Modulor
living room 90s


The sizes of the houses are reduced in the projects of new apartments. The airy houses of the previous eras are downsized according to need and practicality.

This entails rethinking the different furniture with a view to maximizing optimization for spaces and functions favouring convertible sofa beds, extendable tables and consoles.

The materials become more flexible and lighter. There is in fact the passage from solid wood, heavy and subject to deformations related to humidity, towards the MDF or blockboard, a high quality compound excellent for lacquering.

Various furnishing trends are beginning to emerge such as Urban or Hi-Tech, which leave space to essential lines and industrial materials. Technology officially enters the world of interior design, becoming a functional and aesthetic feature.

In total opposition, the Bohemian style is back in vogue and the Shabby Chic is born, the “elegant scruffy”. Vintage antique furniture dominates the interior of the house, defining a retro taste revisited in a contemporary perspective.

steel kitchen Modulor
velvet and metals living


What will the trends of the coming years hold for us?
Surely fashion will increasingly become part of all areas related to design, including the interior.

The trendy nuances will then dictate the rules, such as more feminine colors or green accents, which also recall the eco and bio trend.

More and more wallpapers with geometric graphic will be used, which can already be found in tiles and accessories, or with large floral motifs.

Velvet will be one of the materials that will characterize the years to come, being the perfect blend of luxury and comfort to which  different finishes of metallic materials, such as silver, gold, tin and copper will be matched.



In all these years curiosity has never left Carla who today, with all of us, is looking forward to discovering what the new trends are and offering them enthusiastically to her customers. The 40 years of Modulor’s activity are only a starting point and an incentive for continuous growth and research.

Ps: even if the years go by Carla is always young, she’s never gets old 🙂

Modulor on Press: Precision, competence and reliability

Modulor on Press: Precision, competence and reliability

It was an honor for us to receive an article entirely dedicated to us in our newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo”. Signed by Tiziana Sallese it’s telling us through her eyes, we thanks her and proudly report it below:

Here is Geppetto with fairy hands. And the VIPs choose the furniture in Ranica.

Precision, competence and reliability. These are the characteristics that foreign customers ask Carla Silvana Anesa, owner of the Modulor company based in Ranica.

A company that in recent years, also thanks to the discretion with which it has historically operated, has produced and supplied furnishings for the VIPs’ home. Etoile of the world of dance, actresses, comic models, all those who rely on Modulor know they can count on the greatest possible respect for privacy. The made in Italy therefore, today more than ever, cross-national borders thanks to the reliability, attention, and care of our craftsmen. So Carla Silvana Anesa thanks to her right arm, Bruno Pizzi, can boast of having signed with the hallmark of her production, houses, offices, and shops scattered all over the world. “Modulor was born in 1976 – says Carla who loves to be called like this, with the simple first name – those were the years of traditional joinery, while we were born with the precise intent of making everything tailored. Hence also the name was chosen for the company, Modulor in fact and the name of the scale of proportions, based on human measurements, invented by Le Corbusier as a guideline for human-scale architecture “. In addition to this philosophy, the other element that Carla and Bruno can’t give up (for more than twenty years in their own way, he also calls himself by his first name to which, however, he adds “the carpenter”) is the wood. This is, in fact, the main material of their productions. Whether lacquered, coated, combined with steel, glass or any other material, the kingdom remains the heart of their artifacts.

“Wood is our soul”

“The Wood is the true soul of everything we produce – both underlined – that precisely because of our ability to treat this material, our production is so requested, even if foreign markets where Made in Italy is not only appreciated but it is expressly required”. And in this regard, Carla and Bruno remind us of the latest works made in Vietnam: “we set up all the furnishing for a high fashion shop, ‘the luxury shop’, translated into Italian. Those who commissioned the work asked us for continuous confirmation that everything used was marked “made in Italy”. All materials must have been produced and elaborated in Italy. The same request was made for our other installations in the United States.” A small but at the same time a large reality the one of Modulor, which avails itself of the collaboration of seven other people, in addition to Alice (a degree in industrial design), Carla’s daughter.

Work under the hurricane

And it is not a coincidence that Bergamo’s activity is known and appreciated also abroad, in fact, while Hurricane Irene was raging in New York, Bruno worked on the 11th floor of a skyscraper: “I have to deliver the offices that I was setting up – he says quietly as if working under a hurricane is the most normal thing in the world – and therefore continued in what I was doing. Of course, the sound of wind and rain could be heard, but it almost kept me company. I understand that the storm was violent at the moment the laser couldn’t draw straight lines. It wasn’t standing still!”. It is appropriate to say that nothing and nobody stops our craftsmen: “You must not be afraid of anything – confirms Bruno – what you cannot do alone you do it together”.

Modulor press Precision, competence and reliability