Custum furniture for clients of all types, even with four- legged

Custum furniture for clients of all types, even with four- legged

Our little four-legged friends are not easily satisfied, you know!

Sometimes just a few cuddles are enough, other times a crunch is needed, but for the most demanding one a five-star refuge is needed!

Quite something else than shoe bokes or old Amazon packages, the most pretentious felines need impeccable solutions in style and comfort.

Here, a custum studio apartment also for our Quality Assistant, who lack for nothing in terms of interior design.

Characterized by Scandinavia-inspired interiors, it has a double facing, with a back door that allows air’s circulation.

The interiors are essential in style, emphasized by the material choice of opaque plywood, whose veins refer to the natural finish of light wood, in contrast with the black interior wallpaper. This is in turn recalled in the chromatic choice by the feet which are also made in black textured curved lacquered wood, a real tidbit.

The bottom wall allows both a warm environment during the cold season and cool ventilated room with increasing temperature.
What more could you ask for? Of course, this is a solution for high-level target, and it it’s not a coincidence that the quality control is daily provided by an expert in field.

custom made cat
closed basket cat
open basket cat

Naturalness of an office in Olive wood

Naturalness of an office in Olive wood

A creation with an antique flavor, a particular request from a customer who loves wood in its natural state.
olive wood desk office 01


We are close to “That branch of Lake Como, which turns at midday”. As in a Manzoni essay, imagining uninterrupted chains of mountains, nature is the protagonist here. Its rough trunks enter the walls of a private studio and define its rooms. The material chosen is the olive tree, knots and defects enriches this plant during the years and is characterized by a very fine texture of lighter streaks that are intertwined with decidedly darker streaks.


The furniture consists of a large equipped desk and a rear piece of furniture with a band of drawers and doors and a side column. The latter has internally illuminated open compartments. The olive veneer preserves its natural finish and the joints are carefully cut at 45 °. Respecting the vein of the wood, they give it a sense of continuity on each side.

olive desk office
office desk material continuity
olive wood office
olive wood desk detail
details desk drawers

Surfaces from the textures with asymmetric geometries

Surfaces from the textures with asymmetric geometries

A particular work of the surfaces to give a quid to the elements that relate within in the same environment.
bedroom general view

To create aesthetic dynamism we worked on the details of three elements, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers, that as to be inserted in an already furnished room. The environment was already defined by a full-height wardrobe in lacquered MDF in the same white as the side walls and facing a back wall with a dominant color, an acid green.

We wanted to keep white as the base color, but with some peculiarities: we brushed the wood and finished it with white open-pore water-based paint, so that its veins could be glimpsed.



Is to underline the great initial work, the one of cutting the surfaces like the project and joint them in their various pieces by changing the inclination of the ash vein and keeping the direction of the cut also on the adjacent sides.

The result is poetic, the cuts become the thread of a blade that rests on the three elements and tries to cut them in its three-dimensionality. The drawers are push-open, reached 45 ° and the drawer air corresponds to the thickness of our fake cut.

These distinctive details do not shout their presence, but are noticeable only when you approach these elements and analyze them better. Inserted in the room, they blend perfectly with the general context.

The particular design wheels are made by OgTM, the model is Moebius in his acid green color, like our characteristic back wall.

We present some images of the work in progress with the elements assembled and not yet painted and then the finished pieces inlaid in the environment.

surfaces treatments night tables
surfaces treatments night tables 02
night tables front view asymmetric surfaces
night table front view
night table side view
bedroom general view 02
closure detail night tables
wheels detail night tables
surfaces detail night tables

A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen entirely steel covered

A kitchen completely covered in steel but with a soul to discover.


Sometimes when in front of our eyes there is a piece of furniture entirely covered with a material, it is assumed that that external material is the only one used in its composition, it is not easy to thought that behind that facade there may be a skeleton of a different material that creates its structure and defines its entity.

Here we want to show you how we have created a kitchen completely covered in stainless steel destined to a client in Boston.


First point, the internal modular structure: in the central part, the elements of  sink, dishwasher, hob and all our storage elements. In the upper part the wall units and on the side the columns hosting other storage elements and appliances, such as ovens and a refrigerator. For some elements, a back is not necessary, as in the case of the refrigerating column, because the element will be perfectly inserted inside and it will have access to the electrical outlets on the walls.

kitchen steel assembly step 01
front view lab phase
Then the bases, the rear elements and the doors are made. The whole structure is made of wood and, once assembled, with precise millimeter drawings, all the covers of the various elements are made of very thin stainless steel sheets. these will completely cover, without weighing down, our skeleton. Here are some pictures of the kitchen ready to be dismantled and shipped overseas. On each steel element is visible a protective film in order to preserve its surface from scratches and accidental impacts.

stell kitchen with protective film
assembly test lab phase
And here are the latest images of our kitchen assembled on site, in a general view and in a more specific detailed one, which highlights how, in the upper part, our structure perfectly follows the exposed beams of the ceiling. The recessed handles that characterize the entire kitchen are also clearly visible.
steel kitchen on place
covering details


To conclude, never take anything for granted! Behind every realization there is a great job that concerns multiple aspects. From the management of impeccably precise executive measures, to the creation of complex structures that support and enhance the materials used in the final result.

Wood as an element to experiment with

Wood as an element to experiment with

Wood is a versatile, varied and extremely suitable material to be “experimented” in the most particular shapes and combinations.


The skill of our craftsmen is also evident in these unusual works, which recall an art now dormant with time, the one of inlay. We are from Bergamo, wa are descendant of the best carpenters in Italy, we can enjoy every day some of the most important inlays at national level. Entering the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Città Alta is enougth and, looking at the Choir, observe the magnificent creations designed by Lorenzo Lotto.

A small digression to underline these works, which request is now even more reduced, but a demostration of painstaking work, patience and dedication.

Here we have created the top of a window in the living area by flanking, on all its thickness, various types of wood which are then joined with a sunburst to create the motif of a shining sun.

windowsill wooden inlay works
Front view windowsill wood
Side view windowsill inlay works


A wooden board with its materic bark has a timeless charm. For that it’s coming back into fashion and it often happens to see, not only in the alpine environment, but also in trendy clubs or in town houses, tables in the raw state. Are exactly their characteristic bark, their knots left rough and some imperfections of the surface, such as reliefs or burrows to make them recognizable.

But why not provide other furnishing elements with this particular style? Here we propose one of our laboratory experiments: a lamp with a rounded central slot that houses a strip LED and a thin, taut cable unites it gently on the ceiling.

Te material we have chosen is a warm and comfortable wood, the fir. Its rough exposed veins  its natural state and the shades of the wood that lighten towards the external sides are clearly visible.

fir wood chandelier off
fir wood chandelier on
fir chandelier detail

The beauty of hand-drawn projects

The beauty of hand-drawn projects

In the race for progress there are still those who remain tied to the art of manual drawing which preserves its timeless charm. The hand-drawn project are able to comunicate authenticity and to estabilish an almost intimate relationship.


New technologies have greatly simplified the design of a project.

We still remember the times when all the drawings were made by hand: top, front and side views, and even prospects, each modification involved the redesign of all the views and rolls on rolls of paper with revisions of a single project were stacked in a corner.

There were drafting machines in the studios, we worked on sheets of transparent paper so that we could speed up the new changes and once finished, with a heliostatic roller machine, disseminating ammonia odor throughout the study, the drawing was transferred to a roll of bluish paper ready to be trimmed and then hand-colored with watercolors or pastels.

In the past 15-20 years everything has changed, the programs have evolved to such an extent that there are now three-dimensional creations that seem to be true  photographs of the furniture made and very few have preserved the art of manual design.

Among these rare cases is the studio of the architect Pierluigi Fasoli and we want to share with you his projects that still retain the charm of the past.

At this link you can view the photos of the whole project.

Below the plan of the house, divided into zones and with a small explanation that recalls the interventions carried out in the different areas.

hand-drawn project
Below the kitchen project and a watercolor perspective that defines its style and materials. On the side, the visual suggestion for the furnishing accessories, in this case the chairs to be combined with the master table. At the end, a photo, in a slightly different view of the final creation.

hand-drawn project kitchen
realized kitchen
And here is also the living area, with its detailed design that also sees the candlestick in the center of the table in the dining area. Follows an image of the living room made in detail. Not present in the project drawing but added later the particular rear wall in matt black shaped MDF. In its surface, entrance door of the studio also covered with the same finishing.
hand-drawn project living room
realization living room
To finish the project of the studio and the image of its realization, in which we wanted to recover an existing library furniture, restored and painted in white so as not to weigh down these refreshed and lightened spaces too much.
hand-drawn project studio
studio realized

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